1. iCLEAN Mouths

    The mouth rinse that cleans where the others can’t, don’t and won’t.

    It harnesses the power of iodine, a natural and essential element. It goes well beyond making your mouth just feel clean. It will actually be clean. Once a day, use just 1 teaspoon. Swish and gargle for 30 seconds. Spit it out. Done! You’ll experience a level of clean that’s refreshing—and real.

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  2. iCLEAN RO Membranes

    Help your RO membrane™ clean up its act.

    iClean was developed especially for spiral wound thin film composite reverse osmosis membranes. It harnesses the purifying power of iodine in a patented, low pH formula. It works easily and quickly on scale and iron. And it’s non-hazardous and safe for disposal.

  3. iCLEAN Dental Waterlines

    Help your dental waterline bite back against contamination.

    It does no good to put clean water in your dental waterline if the waterline itself is loaded with impurities. And you’d be shocked at how common that is. That’s why iClean harnesses the purifying power of iodine in a patented formula that keeps your waterlines and your patients healthy.